The company was established at the beginning of 2014 in Istanbul under the name A&J Investment Services,
and specialized in real estate development and marketing.

The company has been able to build strong partnerships since its inception with real estate consultancy and studies companies, which include a selection of experts in real estate appraisal, valuation, feasibility studies and market needs identification. Through our strategic partners, the general direction of the expansion of major cities in Turkey is determined and the major projects that the government will establish in that region. The company has achieved great successes in the Turkish market and has been able to impose its strength through the huge projects that it has completed over the long years, as it has won the confidence of investors and expanded its activities in many sectors, including education, tourism, car rental, fuel sector and international trade.

Our projects

Marmara Project

It is a plot of land with a total area of 165,000 square meters in the Marmara region, the land was divided into 26 smaller blocks, the largest was 1400 square meters and the smallest was 7200 square meters, where each block was divided into small pieces, the smallest area was 300 meters according to the municipal law In the region, the number of pieces reached 288 small pieces that were sold within 14 months

Silvery Project (1)

Before the completion and liquidation of the Marmara project, new investment opportunities were studied, and a land area of approximately 70,000 square meters was purchased in the Silivri area, which is about 80 kilometers from the center of Istanbul, to the west. Where it was divided into 4 blocks, the average block area is 10,000 square meters, then each block was divided into small pieces, and the smallest area was 400 meters according to the law of the municipality of the region, and we got 93 small plots of land. Within three months, 52% of the land area was sold and 90% of the share capital was returned.


Arnavutkoy Project

It is an agricultural land with an area of 143 thousand square meters, divided into 23 blocks, and the area of each block ranges from 5 thousand to 10 thousand square meters. The project was chosen as a medium-term investment over 3-5 years, and sales have not started yet.

Arnavutkoy Project

The choice was made on a land located in the same area of ​​Silivri and close to the Silivri project (1). The land area is 160 thousand square meters, and a special contribution was opened for it in this project. The company’s work was developed from dividing the project into a number of independent lands to make the division in the form of a residential complex with all services Necessary to provide a decent and comfortable life for the residents in the complex. The project was divided into 22 blocks, one of which was allocated for social services by providing swimming pools, sports centers, parking lots, open sports fields and a number of small shops. A block was also allocated to build a mosque with housing for the imam, and a supermarket, leaving an area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters of parking for mosque-goers from outside the complex. For supermarket visitors. The rest of the project was divided into 20 blocks, and each block into a number of residential lands, so we have 442 residential plots of land dedicated to building a two-story villa.


chorlough project

Because we are convinced of Turkey’s role in the movement of the global economy, and that it represents an axis and one of its pillars, a land of 33,000 square meters was purchased in the industrial city of Çorlu, which is located west of Istanbul, which contains a large number of factories and commercial companies, where the government has allocated a huge area to build warehouses To serve the city. The company has put in its plans this project as a medium-term investment, where warehouses will be built and leased to provide a stable income from its revenues.

Tekirdag project

We headed west to the city of Tekirdag, and a plot of 54,000 square meters was purchased, divided into 3 blocks, and with the start of 2018, the sale phase began after the completion of the infrastructure.

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